What is Onecast?

Onecast is simple, high-quality calling and recording software made especially for podcasters (though that's far from the only use case!).

What makes Onecast unique?

Onecast replaces a number of conference calling, recording, and transcoding tools with a free, simple to use interface custom-designed for high-quality recording. Any user can organize a call, and share a unique link with other participants. Participants can then join the call simply by following the link on a supported device. When ready to record, Onecast automatically captures full-quality local audio and uploads that audio to our servers, meaning you and your guests will never sound like they're connected over Skype. Once the recording is finished, Onecast will create a set of audio tracks from the call, including tracks for each participant as well as a combined, bridged version.

Because it's entirely based in the browser, there is never any software or plugins to download. You will never need to worry about syncing audio file timestamps or poor quality audio again.

How much does Onecast cost?

Onecast is entirely free to use today, and will remain free in the future.

How many people can be on the call at once?

The default limit for new accounts is ten participants total, or one host and nine guests. This is a soft limit and may be raised by reaching out to Onecast support with information about your use case and how many participants you require.

What do I need to use Onecast?

Onecast requires a recent version of Google's Chrome desktop browser. Chrome is available as a free download.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for a free account or log in via our homepage.